New Job - On-going Involvement

So I recently joined the Consumer Products Group at Bostik, Inc. This is an exciting opportunity for me and a place I feel right at home. The company and the people I get to work with everyday are just the best. The freedom to fail or succeed on my own terms is very refreshing. I am excited about what the future holds in my professional life. The goal of this group is to make Bostik a household name and to that end I am charged with doing all in my power to make that happen. Part of that charge will be to get out into the net with all types of tools including this site and this blog. The point is, starting now you will see activity on this site regularly. For anyone who has been here before you will notice I have taken down a bunch of links including the forums. Don’t worry; they will be back up at some point in the near future. In the meantime I hope to create meaningful and content filled blog postings. I hope you enjoy the site and my renewed activity with it. Regards Robert