Social Media - Changing the way we shop.

So today is the first day of December and a week since Americans celebrated Thanksgiving Day. There is no other time during the year that so many people’s minds turn to shopping and finding that perfect gift for that special someone. I think it is somewhat kismet I attended an event this week that previewed how companies will interact with consumers in the very near future.

Upselling, A Good or Bad Thing?

Good Afternoon,

For the last several weeks, I have been traveling the country setting up the merchandising for the Bostik NeverSeal™ and Reflection™ pre-mixed urethane grout at our new retail partner, Floor & Decor Outlets of America (

New Job - On-going Involvement

So I recently joined the Consumer Products Group at Bostik, Inc. This is an exciting opportunity for me and a place I feel right at home. The company and the people I get to work with everyday are just the best. The freedom to fail or succeed on my own terms is very refreshing. I am excited about what the future holds in my professional life.

The launch of The Atwater Group

Good Afternoon All, I am very excited to announce that we have just launched The Atwater Group, you can find us at We are an organization or professionals with extensive experience and knowledge of the home improvement retail environment. Our mission is to assist companies in presenting their products properly to small and large home improvement retailers alike. We will offer a variety of services including retail consulting, direct commissioned based sales, fee for appointments and other services to be named later.

My First Post - Whew

Well its about time, it only took a couple of years since I had this idea for an internet community for us retail vendors; thanks to some good friends it is now up and running. Now all I need to do is figure out how everything works and we will be good to go. The web page controls are not that difficult; just a lot of options to choose from, makes it confusing; I will get there. Everyone please be paitent with me as I work to create an awesome community on the web.
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